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About Pergola

Pergola is an application delivery platform.

It provides developers an easy and non-intrusive way of building, deploying and operating their applications. And it enables their users and customers instant and secure access to these applications.

  • Easy, because you don't need to setup a server or to manually install your application on a remote VM. All you need is a working application, on your machine. Then you are just a few clicks away from deploying and serving your users.
  • Non-intrusive, because you don't need any special changes to your application to make it work on Pergola. Your code remains agnostic and can run anywhere. All additional configuration and setup happens on Pergola and remains on Pergola.
  • Instant, because once deployed on Pergola, your users can access your application immediately. There is no additional access or network configuration required. Simply share the link that Pergola has supplied for your application.
  • Secure, because you decide who can access your application and how, whether login is required, Single-Sign-On, with enforced Multi-Factor-Authentication or without. Restrict access to specific user groups or apply fine grained role-based rules. Regardless how far you push the security constraints, all communication to and from your application is always encrypted with state of the art cryptographic protocols.

With Pergola, you can run virtually any type of application or backend service using the programming language, frameworks, and technology of your choice. The only requirement: your application needs to be containerised. A Dockerfile or a pre-built container image (or multiple, if you have a more complex application stack) is required in order to deploy your application on Pergola.

Pergola runs your applications on a high-availability cluster and performs all of the management of the underlying infrastructure and the required compute resources, including server and operating system maintenance, capacity provisioning and automatic scaling, monitoring, and logging. Under the hood, Pergola utilises Kubernetes and the infrastructure services to orchestrate the entire platform.

In fact, as long as you are not a platform operator, you will never need to know where and how Pergola runs your applications. However, it never hurts to take a sneak peek at what's behind the scenes. And if you know Kubernetes already, some concepts here will sound familiar.